Growth Plan


Things I’m aware of:

–          Diversity is always present in the classroom, both physically and learning styles

–          To be a great teacher you must never stop learning

–          Both the students and I will learn together: them from me, and me from them

–          Having compassion and kindness will help create a welcoming, safe environment in which your students will flourish


Things I want to challenge myself:

–          Create lesson plans that best suite the needs of my classroom

–          Try to use differentiated instruction as much as possible

–          Challenge my thinking of how I impact my students and how they impact me

–          Work as hard as I can to understand each and every one of my student’s strengths


Things I want to learn more about:

–          Great ways to fully include all my students

–          How to keep a disciplined classroom

–          Culural differences and lifestyles

–          Aboriginal education and techniques on how to integrate that into chemistry


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