Reaction Rates

Photo Credit: Carolina Biological Supply Company via Compfight cc

OUTCOME: Students will be able to identify the factors that affect the rate of reaction: surface area, volume, concentration, temperature, and the addition of a catalyst.

SCI10-CR4 Investigate the rates of chemical reactions, including factors that affect the rate.
b. Predict how factors such as temperature of the reactant(s), concentration of the reactant(s), surface area of the reactant(s), and the presence or absence of catalysts or inhibitors might affect the rate of a chemical reaction. (S, A)

SCI 11- CR4 Identify factors that affect the rates of chemical reactions
Identify how factors such as temperature, concentration, and surface area can affect the rate of a chemical reaction

Here’s what I used for my lesson:
1. Lesson Plan

2. Follow along notes

3. Video– How to speed up a Chemical Reaction (and get a date!)

5. PowerPoint

6. Professional Development: (1), (2)

7. Sample work– this was exactly what I wanted.


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