Relationships in Action

Photo Credit: Bradley.Johnson. via Compfight cc

After being in pre-internship for one and a half weeks, I have a little more experience in my inquiry topic. I have only started to develop relationships this week as I’ve noticed it takes a while for the students to trust you and understand who you are. However, my coop teacher is someone whose philosophy incorporates relationships into the success of learning. So while I work on the basics of forming those relationships, I am able to see their impact as they’re developed.Many students who are often labelled as “troubled” students perform a lot better when they are connected to the material and instructor. A problem I have came across is maintaining that relationship when there’s a need for disciplinary actions. For example, one of my students benefits from having that relationship with the teacher to learn better; however, he is also a student breaking my cell-phone policy quite often. I am finding it hard to maintain that positive relationship when I need to continually give warnings and take his phone away. I predict that as the relationship gets further developed he’ll want to listen to my instructions and expectations because I have seen him act differently with my coop teacher. I have already found relationship to be crucial to classroom atmosphere and overall learning.I look forward to having more time during internship to really dive into this topic.


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