Technology is not just a trend

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Technology is getting to be not only beneficial, but required, for learning to flourish. With today’s apps and resources, research suggests students’ learning has increased as well as productivity. It’s getting to be essential for teacher’s to have knowledge about technology and its use in the classroom. There is multiple professional development opportunities available for educators so long as the motivation and interest is there. It’s important educators stay ahead of their students with the up and coming trends of technology so they can prepare and teach netiquette that’s included. The education system has had to shift tremendously with the “trend” of technology and so will the teachers.

With all the benefits of of technology in the classroom, there is also the struggles. For one, not all students have access to technology, which places them in an awkward situation. Another struggle teachers will have to be prepared to deal with is the distraction technology can bring. One of the ways teachers can combat this is by educating their students about the proper uses of technology and setting up regulations for using it in the classroom. One other struggle that may occur is a more difficult situation to handle- this would be the data amount allotted to each school. A lot of times, schools get new tablets or computers and aren’t able to use them properly because of poor wifi. The only way technology can benefit the education system, is if it has adequate wifi to run off of. Technology is essential to learning…because of this, teachers need to be aware of the things that work against it.


2 thoughts on “Technology is not just a trend

  1. Another challenge I feel people will have to face is the many failures or excuses that come with technology. I have experienced several occasions where the technology that was being used in the classroom couldn’t function properly for whatever reason. The whole lesson had to be reworked because something wouldn’t turn on or load. The excuses come particularly with students and their work. I have heard people on several occasion, use the excuse that they didn’t know where to go or couldn’t get connected and often they tell the truth but sometimes they straight up lie about it too. Yes, students can lie about homework now too but I feel the chances for error increases when technology is introduced. As teacher we may have to come up with plans A, B, and C and know how to adjust to every day surprises like teachers must do now.

  2. I would have to agree with you: I feel as though understanding and incorporating technology is a big expectation of today’s teachers.

    During my internship at Campbell Collegiate, I also noticed that this pressure is being felt by teachers. Many teachers in the school were working hard to learn more about technology and to learn how to incorporate it effectively into the classroom. For example, Campbell Collegiate had an optional “Tech Team” that would meet once a month during the lunch hour, where teachers could discuss their interests in and concerns with technology. For many teachers, I think that support like this is crucial because technology can be so overwhelming. Together they created a blog ( and a Twitter account ( to try and support one another and to reach out to educators online.

    In regards to dealing with the challenges that technology may bring, I find that it is crucial to educate youth at a young age about the use of technology. Engaging youth in technology will not only excite them about their own learning, but will also introduce them to some of the benefits that technology can have inside and outside of the classroom. With that being said, I think it is also important for educators to work with students and their parents/guardians to help them understand online identities and digital citizenship and to ensure that they are aware of both the benefits, risks, and safety precautions.

    Educators play such an important role in supporting youth, and as technology advances and continues to intertwine with education, we will have to work hard to understand it inside and outside of a classroom setting.

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