The importance of the first day

I know from previous experiences that the first day in a classroom is one of the most important. Because of this, I looked into some good icebreakers that I could use in pre-internship, internship, and when I have my own classroom. These icebreakers will be the start to the student-teacher relationships that promote learning. The activities listed will help the teacher know the students better as well as help get rid of any awkwardness within the students that is present on the first day.

1. M&Ms– have students pull out a M&M and, depending on the color, answer a questions (red- something about yesterday; orange- something you do well; yellow- something about your childhood; blue- something you learned last week; brown- something you can’t live without; green- something you watch/listen to)

2. Sticky help– Give students one sticky note, have them write down what they need to learn best, then post these on a large piece of paper for later reference.

3. Balloon Pop (requries a SMARTboard)-  This is a game where students through a soft bean bag at the SMARTboard. Wherever it hits, it will open a question about themselves.

4. Two Truths, One Lie- students write out two true statements about themselves and one that is a lie. They tell them to the class and when one person guesses which is a lie, it becomes their turn.

5. List Matcher– The teacher provides a category (such as breakfast cereals) and small groups of students true to list 10 items they believe are on the teacher’s list.

6. Blackout Bingo– Provide each student a handout that contains a table with various statements (such as: I like to shop; I have a pet cat; I have traveled outside the country). Students go around, asking these questions and filling in the names of fellow students

7. Two Extremes– The teacher provides a list of extreme opposites and students find the two people who fit the description (ex. likes chocolate/likes vanilla, likes rap/likes country)


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