What makes a good teacher?

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With pre-intership coming up I’ve been doing more and more research as to what will make me a good teacher. In my school years I’ve seen good teachers and I’ve seen bad teachers. It was sometimes obvious why some teachers were more preferred than others but sometimes it was more complicated. So, based on my research and previous experience I decided to make a short list of things to bring into the classroom as a reminder of how I should approach teaching:

1. Be yourself. Not all of the good teachers were the same and it was their unique characteristics that made them all great in their own way. Students can spot a fake. In order to gain students’ trust and respect, you have to be comfortable with yourself and establish your own teachings style.

2. Be Flexible. The classroom is never a constant. The announcements go off; the band kids have to leave; there’s an assembly taking place. As a teacher, you have to be flexible and accepting of the side-tracks your class may take. A good teacher is able to roll with the punches and adjust his/her schedule to work.

3. Have humour. A teacher who is able to laugh and have fun is much more approachable and relate-able for students. Although this can’t be taken to the extreme where it takes away from the learning of the students; however, it should be taught that learning is fun and interesting.

4. Be a role model. In some circumstances, students are with teachers more than they are with their own parents. Teachers are with youth at a very crucial age where students are figuring themselves out. As an educator, it is my job to be the best role model for my students as possible so that they always have at least one good example to learn from.

5. Be forgiving. Every day is a new day. As a teacher it is my job to allow for equal opportunity for my students. To do this I must take away biases and forgive any pass discrepancies. Everyone has bad day, don’t bring them forward.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.
– Brad Henry


2 thoughts on “What makes a good teacher?

  1. So true! I agree with all those and I think that as a teacher even when you cannot connect with a student you cannot take it personally, because every student is different. Each student may learn a little differently and it might be very hard to incorporate into each lesson, so I think ‘don’t take things personally’ is another important thing to take into our pre internship.

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