Building student Rapport

After feeling motivated from watching the documentary last week, I went researching ways to build the student rapport that is necessary for a completely inclusive classroom. From looking online I found countless articles but found one in particular I really enjoyed called Building Student Rapport by Olenka Bilash. One of the reasons I found it so interesting is because it mentioned how important student rapport is when teaching struggling students and students who have English as a second language. On her blog she posted a short video about how important the language you use is to building student relationships:

I found this to be very interesting especially in knowing that in a few weeks I’ll be put into a classroom for 3 weeks. This is not a long enough time to form good student relationships. So, I was very interested in the tips Olenka Bilash provided:

– relate to students both in and outside of school.

– learn student names as quick as possible

– consider non-verbal factors such as body language

–  treat students with respect and trust

– have a sense of humour and have fun with students

– SMILE! If you’re not happy to be there, why would they?

– move around the classroom

– laugh at your own mistakes; everyone makes mistakes so its important not to not hide them

These will all definitely help me in pre-internship and especially later on when I have my own class!


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