Why are relationships important?

This week I had watched the documentary Bully:

After seeing this I was feeling even more motivated for pursuing my inquiry question about building student relationships. This is because it my understanding of student relationships broadened and I was able to see one of the consequences of not having an inclusive, welcoming classroom. Many of the students in this documentary were bullied and felt they weren’t listened to about their problem. Not only did this result in physical abuse, but also mental abuse that went to far as to drive kids to suicide. Bullying is a hugely emerging problem in today’s schools- especially because of the increase in diversity. I have come to understand, if I work in a big school with big class sizes, I won’t be able to form relationships with each and everyone of my students. My job, as a teacher, is to determine which of my students require such relationships and would benefit the most. The students in the documentary were those students that needed a teacher-student relationships. Although not everything happens in school, that’s generally where it starts. One of the things that upset me in this documentary is that a few of the kids stated they tried to tell their administration and teachers and felt they weren’t really heard. It is just horrifying for me to think of that a lot of those kids who committed suicide as a result of bullying which could have prevented if something would have been done in that school.

How this impacts my inquiry project:
– relationships with students are important!
– a real inclusive classroom shapes the minds of students to think inclusively outside the classroom
– creating a “family”” environment allows students to stick up for each other and allow everyone a sense of belonging (part of the Circle of Courage)
– Care and Compassion (one of Saskatchewan’s educational goals) should be done with relationships and should decrease bullying


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