Starting the School Year

“What you do on the first days of school will determine your failure for the rest of the school year.”

~Harry Wong


  • review school policies
  • get a copy of the school agenda which usually has important information
  • explore the building
  • post a large class schedule with times of class
  • discover where equipment is in the school (televisions, videos, supplies room)
  • meet colleagues: teachers, secretaries, custodians, librarians, etc.
  • review safety procedures such as fire drill, where first aid kit is located, EPI pens, etc.
  • be informed about routines and procedures of the school (bathroom passes, office passes, etc.)
  • prepare all information for parents and students’ knowledge (contact information, student expectation)



One thought on “Starting the School Year

  1. You may want to organize this page in some way – Or give some idea at the top what it’s all about. Right now it seems a bit like an odd collection of resources without a purpose – frame it in some way!

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