Day 8: A bittersweet ending-a final reflection

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks via Compfight cc

Recap:  Today I had planned station work revolving around the concepts of microorganisms and microscopes. There was a variety of stations students circulated through including making a story about microorganisms to help them remember their characteristics, as well as memory card definitions, and microorganisms classification. Aside from the point that it was April Fool’s day and the students were a little more rambunctious, the lesson went well and students enjoyed the variety of tasks required of them. At the end, we enjoyed cupcakes and juice boxes and said our good-byes.

Reflection: It was very hard to leave the school after getting the know all of the students and the atmosphere and routines of the classroom. My coop teacher had taught me so much regarding management and instructional skills. I had absolutely loved my time in the classroom as it was helped me build my teacher confidence and has challenged me to grow for the better. I have learnt so much from these 8 short weeks in the classroom but am left with experience and knowledge that are priceless to my future in education. I have learnt to get to know your students well: their likes, dislikes, struggles, learning style preferences, etc. This knowledge will influence the way I present material to students and prepare me for any potential problems that may occur during class. I have also learnt the importance of organization and preparation for lesson planning. Although I never experienced that moment of forgetting everything I planned, I still greatly benefited from having my whole lesson specifically planned out so I could work on it at the beginning of the week and feel confident I remembered everything I planned for the day of teaching. I have also learnt to just have fun in the classroom and to really work on the concept of “learning being fun”. From my philosophy, I had emphasized I desire to teach students to be excited to learn… this experience gave me the opportunity to put this philosophy in practice. As I stated earlier, this experience challenged me. It challenged my management skills, “my teacher voice”, and my comfort-level (teaching ELA, and social studies). I also learnt the importance of being a continuous learner and being challenged with the lessons I taught. Also, going back and reflecting on my goals I had made prior to my field experience, I had reached and met all of my goals I had created. My teacher voice and ability to project wasn’t as much as an issue as I had expected it to be; likewise, my methods of assessment and attaining my students attention was not a struggle either. The one goal that I did, not necessarily work on, but understood more, was the importance of proper organization and preparation. The more organized and prepared I was, the better the lesson would go. Although there is always room to grow and improve as an educator, this experience has truly help guide me towards that path as well as better understand what my career will entail. This experience has made me that much more excited to finish university and be able to have my own classroom!


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