Grade 6 Science- Microorganisms and Microscopes (day 2)

Outcome: Assess effects of micro-organisms on past and present society, and contributions of science and technology to human understanding of micro-organisms. (DL6.5)


  1. Explain how micro-organisms meet their basic needs, including moving around and obtaining food, water, and oxygen.

  2. Choose and correctly use appropriate tools (e.g., magnifying glasses, optical microscopes, and video microscopes) to study living organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Here’s what I used for my lesson:

1. Lesson Plan

2. Station handout/sheets- Station Activities

3. Professional development plan- (1), (2)

This lesson produce a bit louder of a noise level; however, if instructions are given prior to starting, students will react better. Students seemed to enjoy the station work; however, some found difficulty with the creative thinking stations.


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