Khan- the great resource for education


After watching this video, I was left feeling further inspired to use technology in my classroom. I have watched this guy at least 20 times, but the time I had watched was when he was explaining concepts to me. Salman Khan, as I’ve said in a previous blog post, created a Youtube channel called Khan Academy. During this TED talks, Khan explained the importance of using video in education for a number of reasons. Firstly, because students are able to work from an environment that they feel comfortable. Secondly, and one of the most important, students can learn at their own pace. By this, I mean students can pause and replay whatever segment they are struggling with and learn at unique paces. Thirdly, Khan had noted that watching video on Youtube allowed students to not feel embarrassed about asking questions or needing a review because they can watch video on their own time and on whatever they are needing extra help with. Khan is a promoter of free education which is why he had posted his videos online. I know, just from Khan’s Youtube videos alone, I have been able to learn concepts I had missed in class from both high school as well as university (such as organic chemistry which was very challenging for me). The downside of these videos is that it mostly applies to visual learners; however, all learners can benefit as they are freely able to take breaks as often as they need. As a future educator, I feel the need to not only introduce Youtube and Khan’s videos to students as a resource, but use them in my classroom as well. During my grade 12 year in high school, my class was being taught a very difficult to grasp topic about cells and cell division. The lecture was very confusing to the entire class, but when our teacher had shown us the Khan video it had clicked in for a lot of people. My classroom will definitely use technology, but the real important factor is that I will teach topics in a variety of ways to allow all students to learn.


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