Tech Task #10: Everything is a Remix

Photo Credit: vasyasvl via Compfight cc

    This series “Everything is a Remix” Parts (1),(2),(3),(4) was very captivating and interesting to listen to. It was great to see someone take the stance that creativity is just the progression of different ideas already established. In part 2 of the series, the author had even stated “creativity requires influence”. It was very interesting to see how new and popular films and music had either directly used a portion of already created material or remixes of such material. In part 2, it had even given the statistic that 78/100 of today’s top selling film productions were knockoffs of already created films. The reason I found this series so interesting and relevant is because it had emphasized that some of the best inventions, songs, films, and ideas are knockoffs or remixes of already existing material. This really challenges the concept of plagiarism and copyright. While the series was not encouraging plagiarism, it was challenging the idea that there is no such thing as a completely unique idea. Another of the interesting comments the author of the series made was that “copying is how we learn”. He emphasized the point by providing the idea of taking notes- you copy your notes and study them until you’re educated and comfortable enough to go off and make your own valid statements about the topics. The creator of the series had also stated if he had tried to create this series 10 years ago he would have failed… but because of the work other people have done, he had the resources to use and create this series. One of the main points of the videos I liked was that it brought a new viewpoint towards creativity. The 3 elements of creativity that the series had stated was copy, transform, and combine. With this, it shows that to implement creativity, you first have to use and transform others’ previous work. This whole concept brings forth the question about copyright… is it really their unique idea that wasn’t also copied off others? and isn’t it best when collaboration takes places where ideas can be transformed to be better and suit our needs more completely? Some interesting things to think about…


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