Day 7: New Faces and engaging learning

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc

Recap:  Today I was teaching the same lesson as last week except it was to the other Grade 6 class. I was told they are both very different groups of students and was looking forward to how they would take the lesson compared to the other group. I started the lesson by recapping the students about what the other pre-service teacher had taught about microscopes and rules for using a microscope. After this I had gone through the information about micro-organisms and their characteristics. Once the students had filled in their follow along notes, I gave the instructions about the activity and had gotten students to read the rules out loud. The activity had gone very smoothly and they had finished it half the time as the first Grade 6 class. Once everyone had recorded the correct answers I showed a video about the parts and functions of a microscope and ended the lesson with a crossword about microscopes.

Things I liked: I really enjoyed being able to step into a new class and feel confident with the lesson I had made. It was interesting to see how 2 different groups of students reacted to the lesson. As I stated last week, this lesson was planned to get the students thinking for themselves and having to use problem solving skills. I really enjoyed just getting to observe how students were able to talk through their observations and come to a conclusion as a group what type of protist they thought it was. The thing I thing education is coming to lack a bit is teaching students to think through problems for themselves and not just getting the answer handed to them. This lesson centralized around this concept and proved to be very successful at both teaching students as well as maintaining their interest.

Things I would have changed:  The only thing I would have changed is going through my management strategy before starting the class. I had gained the attention from my students by using the clapping strategy but they did not respond by clapping back.

Things that I had learnt: I had learnt from this lesson that classes will respond differently to lessons but not so much that it is unmanageable- the important thing is to have a discussion with the class beforehand on what is going to be happening and what is needed and expected of them.


2 thoughts on “Day 7: New Faces and engaging learning

  1. As a pre-service teacher, it is very helpful to be able to learn of things that happen in a classroom setting from the teacher’s perspective. I hope you continue to make more posts about your experiences in-class, as they are very helpful and provide great insight that is difficult to find.

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