Using technology to collaborate: Google

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There’s no doubt that today’s technology gives more opportunities to connect and communicate with others- not only with people you know but with people around the world. The limits of collaborating and communicating with people have literally been removed. And, although technology has its negatives, the opportunities it presents is much greater. Specifically, collaboration in the past has been a struggle of finding appropriate times, finding a location to meet, and emailing back and forth with edits to projects. In today’s decade, all of these problems have been solved. There are apps for people to vote on times that work best, video conferencing (Google Hangouts), and Google docs to collaborate right online instead of emailing back and forth.

In fact, Google and Google Plus are the ultimate tool for collaboration and connecting. Google has created one place where they can complete any project of any dimension. This tool includes multi person editing and revision history which is critical for collaboration. This is probably my favorite resource after taking ECMP 355. Collaboration, and group work is half the stress level it was before because of the convenience of working online. I am now a Google and Google Plus advocate just because I have worked with different programs and this was the one that was high above the rest for efficiency. Google has created the perfect platform, where you don’t need to worry about saving, and don’t need to worry about the stress of collaboration!


One thought on “Using technology to collaborate: Google

  1. Hey Taylor,
    After reading your post I just wanted to let you know that i agree 100% with what you are saying! I love Google in general for everything I do and I believe that Google and Google plus is the best tool for communicating in all senses. Not only do they have Google Hangouts, which in my opinion is better than Skype, Face Time or We Chat. I just works the best, always has the best connection and it is the only tool you can use and talk to 5+ people at a time. And I agree that it makes life a lot less stressful. I really enjoyed this post šŸ™‚

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