Grade 6 Math: Refining a Lesson Plan (N6.5)

1. Lesson Plan- before

2. Lesson Plan – after

Note: Professional development plans and feedback, as well as the reflections of the lesson, are in both links to the lesson plans.

Reflection: The first lesson plan was used on my first attempt on teaching percents, fractions, and decimals to the class. Although the lesson was well planned, I had not known that Grade 6 students did not understand that fractions were another way of writing dividing. This was some prerequisite knowledge that was essential for understanding my lesson. Needless to say, the lesson was only half understood and I don`t believe any of the students retained that knowledge for the next day. So, next week I had planned to teach the same lesson but taking a different approach. The second lesson plan I created involved making it more image based. The second attempt went much better and I was feeling a lot more confident in the level in which they retained. They were all able to get through the assignment and only struggled on the challenge question. Also, in my second lesson I had found a way to include the Treaty Education outcome into the lesson smoothly (this can be seen during the last question on my PowerPoint.


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