Grade 6- Math: Ratios

Outcome: Demonstrate an understanding of ratios concretely, pictorially, and symbolically (N6.8)


  • Create representations of and compare part/whole and part/part ratios (e.g., from a group of 3 boys and 5 girls, compare the representations boys to girls, boys to entire group, and girls to entire group – 3:5, 3:8, and 5:8 respectively).
  • Express a ratio in colon and word form.
  • Solve situational questions involving ratios (e.g., the ratio of students from a Grade 6 class going to a movie this weekend to those not going to a movie is 15:8. How many students are likely in the class and why?)

Here’s what I used for my lesson:

1. Lesson Plan

2. Powerpoint- ratios

3. Handout

4. Professional Development Plan- filled out

5. Reflection on lesson

One of my favorite lessons!


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