Quizlet- Tech Task #8

Quizlet– An online program that helps teach vocabulary in a more interactive way!

What this program offers is step-directed ways of learning vocabulary. The steps that it includes is online flashcards, learn (a section that helps practice the meaning and the word), speller (an auditory spelling test of the vocabulary words), a practice test (including written questions, multiple choice, matching, and true/false), scatter (a page that has the definitions and words that you drag and connect to its partner), and a race (this lets the definitions scroll by on the screen in which you are supposed to text the vocabulary word before it disappears). Something really cool about the race game is that if you get it wrong it makes you copy out the answers twice for you to learn from the mistake.

This program has sets of words and categories already made, or, you can create your own for your class to use or for your own purposes.

This is a free-program that allows students to have different platforms for learning and practicing. You can choose to include images for extra support as well.

Home page:                                                                                    Flashcards:

Home page    flashcards

Test:                                                                                   Scatter:

quizlet3  scatter



Overall: I would definitely use this in my classroom when I’m teaching my students the foundational chemistry vocabulary. This is a much better approach then having them simply memorize the vocabulary. This tool is much more interactive and interesting then more traditional methods of teaching definitions. Students are able to learn at their own pace and with their preferred approach to learning, whether that be the race, spelling test, or scatter, they are still getting the same information taught to them as everyone else.


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