Day 5: Letting creativity loose

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Recap: Today I was teaching about informal and formal language. I was very unsure of what my students’ understanding of this topic was because in a previous lesson I had observed, students had used texting slang in places where it was not appropriate. I started the lesson by asking questions to gain further knowledge about their prerequisite knowledge. From this discussion I concluded they knew the difference between the 2 types of languages; however, it seemed like a few students just believed formal language was used by rich or famous people. After this, I provided a definition and examples of both types of languages and then did class examples. Once this was over, I handed out a worksheet that gave students individual practice and then corrected it as a class. Following this, I showed my slide of the summary and gave the instructions for the activity. My planned activity was making groups of 3-4 and providing them with a scenario they had to determine if it required formal or informal language and create a skit to show how it would go- this got rather humorous and allowed me to see the creative sides to my students.

Things I would have changed: I thought this lesson had went really well and exactly how I had intended it to go. The thing I would have changed, however, would have been talking to a particular student who constantly blurted out during class. I would have spoken with her before class and let her know I would give her one warning and then would dismiss her to the hallway if she continued. Although it wasn’t a major problem, it did cause some distraction and prompted other students to start talking when they shouldn’t have.

Things I really liked: I was somewhat surprised with the how well my students paid attention during the whole group instruction. This was the first time I had the full 33 students and was really happy that one of the problem students (who normally just tunes out and reads) to be at least listening to the instruction. I also really liked the role playing activity. This had really engaged and excited students in a topic that may have been rather dull- the consequence of this was a little more noise and talking, but it was mostly all working/productive noise and so was acceptable.

Things I learnt: From observing gym (they were allowed to create their own mini golf courses and then allowed to play the courses), as well as the role playing activity, I was able to witness the positive effects of allowing students to have the freedom of creativity. I don’t think I would have been capable of coming up with some of the role playing skits or mini-golf courses they created. It was really beneficial to see the possibilities available when you just provide a non-restrictive environment where the students’ creativity can be let loose. Although it did get a lot louder then it would have been if it were more controlled, some students learnt better then they would have any other way.


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