Day 4: A much better outcome

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    Recap: Today I was reviewing and reteaching my concepts from last time (relating fractions, decimals and percents). The last day I had taught, the students were having a hard time following the method I chose to teach this outcome. Today I had taken the more visual/100 grid approach and had much better results. The day had started with a review from the previous class to get their minds thinking about percents. Then I proceeded to explain fractions, decimals, and percents separately and then showing how to convert them all. As a class, I went over 8 examples of each asking students to provide me with the answers. Every single student had a chance to answer at least once and during this time my Coop had stated there was a lot of “oooh I get it” being said (they were understanding the material!). After the examples, I had organized a game in which every student was given a number (either a percent, decimal or fraction) and they were told to find the people who had relating numbers. Once the game was over, I had given them a handout/practice to be handed in.

Things I would have changed: The reason this lesson worked better then the one from last week is because it followed the textbook a bit more closely. I was unaware of their previous knowledge and so the textbook was able to aide me with what they should know and be learning. The thing that I would have changed, however, was the way I approached decimals. I had went through decimals first, but as my Coop suggested, it would have been more beneficial to do fractions first and then use the 100 denominator to show how to get decimals (2 zeros in 100 so we would move the decimal 2 place values to the right to get a decimal). Although this wasn’t a huge area of concern, I feel a few of the students would have learnt and connected better with this approach.

Things I liked/learnt: The thing that I was most proud of was my game I made up. Although it was a very simple game, it worked really efficiently! The reason it had worked so good was because, before I passed out the numbers, I shown a slide of the rules and instructions. I had read the instructions myself but had asked students to read the 3 rules on the slide (being quiet, no running, follow the rules or your out)- I had not intentionally made the students read the directions so that they would listen better but made a note of how effective this strategy had worked. I was worried planning this game into my lesson initially because I was expecting quite a bit of noise, even if it was productive learning sounds. The students had shocked me! Some started whispering, others talking quietly and not running. There was no problems during this game at all!

After it is all said and done, I had really enjoyed this lesson and had felt most students were understanding the topic. I look forward to next week when I teach about formal vs. informal writing!


3 thoughts on “Day 4: A much better outcome

  1. Taylor – glad to hear you are experiencing successes! This definitely speaks to the importance of prior knowledge when planning lessons.
    Will you try your strategy of having students read the directions back to you again? Keep doing the things that are working!

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