Is technology advancements always for the better?

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What will the future look like? The way things are heading, it will be a time you stay on the coach and have food delivered to the door, cash your cheques by taking a picture on your phone, and shopping for anything you can think of without walking out your door. Although all these things are very convenient, they also have their consequences that follow. There are many great things technology can offer, but in this post I am mainly going to discuss the controversies to technology:

1. While you are able connect faster with people, physical interactivity is significantly diminished. For a university student like myself, it is really easy to communicate with family members and be able to see what’s going on; however, some people lose their motivation to go and physically visit when they have the ability to connect from the comfort of their couch.

2. Patience goes out the window. When you have a smart phone and internet almost anywhere, any question you have can be Googled. This completely takes the curiosity away from young minds because they are never left wondering anything… they have the answer in their hands. Especially in today’s era where the internet is so fast you don’t even have to wait for a page to load, as even this can cause some frustration. You are getting the answer to some question it would have taken at least a day to research in a library and even then you might not have the answer.

3. Another side effect to the advancements made with technology is that writing skills have been seen to decline. Although it is a good thing youth are writing frequently (through Facebook, Twitter, chatrooms, etc.), grammar and writing skills are almost non-existent. This is another form of expression; however, it is one that does not teach the skill required for more professional writing.

4. It can be very useful to always have your smart phone on hand; but, with this, comes a constant distraction. As much as my phone is used for looking stuff up and for educational purposes, it is also used for entertainment- especially when people are always coming up with new, addicting games like Angry Birds, and Candy Crush….

5. Other effects of technology include another platform for bullying, shortened attention spans, obesity, lack of social skills, poor sleep habits, higher level of deceit, as well as warped sense of reality.

The improvements that technology has made is imperative to the lifestyles of today. I fully agree that the positive effects from the development of technology outweigh the negative. But as a teacher, it is important to understand the effects that come with the positives. Our students of today will have much different learning styles compared to the students even 20 years ago. It is important to teach students the negative side effects to technology with the positive.


3 thoughts on “Is technology advancements always for the better?

  1. Taylor this is a very interesting and thought provoking post. Having worked in sales, selling phones, I have seen in a very direct way how attached people have become to their technology and how the expectations have shifted because of that instant access. It wasn’t that long ago that we had to physically go to a library to find information or conduct research. Now everything we could want is in our pockets. This of course can allow us as teachers to move past the standard content, look deeper and consider high order questions. However, the students will need to see the technology as a tool for this, something that will take time to develop. I think that many people, adults included, are too quick to think of their digital devices for things like Candy Crush and Facebook and not it’s true potential, access to both a walking library and a means to create content on the go. As the teachers I feel that we will need to model how to use this technology for good to our students, as many will simply be familiar with the entertainment aspect. On a side note, my biggest pet-peeve is when text speech makes into everyday language. I can understand needing to shorten a word for text or tweets but when you write or speak, terms like lol, brb or yolo have no place! Thanks for your interesting post!

    1. I completely agree! Technology is definitely a great resource for teachers; and, I completely know what you mean by students using text slang in their writing. That’s a very interesting comment actually because next week I’m teaching my class a lesson about formal vs. informal writing. I have seen in a lot of their work they don’t understand (or are too lazy?) where that kind of speech is acceptable- including LOL in a letter is not such a great thing. I look forward to hearing their thoughts and reasoning about this subject and will hopefully make a post next week with the results of that discussion. I’m debating if it was because I grew up when cell phones were cool but not near as popular, and given at such a young age, as they are now. I’m interested to know if they just aren’t clear about the differences between the two speech types or they are just being lazy. Thanks for the comment!

      1. That is quite interesting Taylor, I look forward to reading your next post about this. I am rather intrigued to hear about the results of the discussion!

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