Can bullying simply be a thing from the past?

Bullying is something that takes place all over the world, to all different age groups. It is a problem that had existed from the beginning of time and something we still deal with today. There are different types of bullying (physical, emotional, etc.) and many different platforms in which it takes places (at school, over the internet, etc.). After reading the article Joining Hands Against Bullying as well as Raising the Alert on Cyberbullying, I was pushed further with the importance about knowledge and educating today’s youth about bullying. Because a lot of the bullying situations take place where teachers are not always watching, it is best to set up preventative methods and education seminars regarding bullying and its detrimental consequences. I believe even more that, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to create a safe, respectful environment in my own classroom.

When researching further, and looking off the Government’s ‘Get Cyber Safe‘ website, I was presented with some interesting statistics: 8% of students have reported cyberbullying, and 14% had admitted to sending mean or hurtful messages online. Personally looking at the situation, I can already think of 10 people I know who have been bullied just in my small town school growing up- maybe not in the physical sense, but definitely emotionally and socially. You hear stories in the news about bullying that has gone to far and has caused severe consequences. Suicide is the third leading cause for death in young people. This is startling for me…this is a reason that isn’t like disease that cannot be treated. Suicide can be avoided and more importantly avoided all together with the proper supports and education in place. If you simply google the term “bullying causes” the results that come up are unsettling: school shooting, depression, and self harm/suicide. It is very disheartening to hear that during such a tough time for growing due to growing, puberty, changes emotionally and physiologically that children are unable to help each other through it, but instead put others down to make themselves feel better. Don’t get me wrong… there are many articles and stories about students doing good and creating help groups and being positive role models, but theses are the stories that should be in majority over the negative stories.

Here is a video I loved! It shows how influential bystanders can be in bullying (it is NOT a situation just including the person being bullied and the person who’s the bully) :

SPEAK OUT!  Bullying is not something that should stay in the shadows…

For further reading on Cyberbullying, you can read my other post “Can Cyberbullying be prevented?” or go through these resources (also on that post).

Here is a list of sites that can help you, if you or someone you know, is being cyberbullied:

1. Internet safety

2. Cyberbully help

3. STOP Cyberbullying

4. Ryan’s Story– another victim of Cyberbullying


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