Is there a way to be completely unbiased culturally when teaching?

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In response to the reading: Culturally Responsive Classroom Management.

I found this to be a very eye opening article. The reason this is, is because as much as I like to believe I am culturally unbiased, I kind of understand how impossible this is. To be completely abstain from favoritism and have a good understanding of all cultures is near impossible- although learning about the different cultures your students come from is very beneficial. One of the first things I had, not really learnt but reviewed, was about fully understanding “the self, the other, and the context”. What this means is knowing that no matter who you are, you have your own cultural identity that encompasses your “beliefs, biases and assumptions”. Knowing all the things you stand for will help you better understand those of others…such as your students’.

One of my teaching philosophies I have as a pre-service teacher is that I fully believe in the importance and benefits of inclusive classrooms. I find a lot of the times inclusion is centered around physical differences; however, another important thing to account for is the cultural differences. Different cultures have different understandings and norms revolving education. As a future teacher, it will be important to realize any biases in my classroom and make changes accordingly. It is also my job as an educator to gain knowledge about all of my students and their backgrounds. It would also be very beneficial to talk with their parents to understand how they value and interpret educational practices.

The best way to ensure your students learn best, is to have a full understanding of their needs, their beliefs, and their interests.


3 thoughts on “Is there a way to be completely unbiased culturally when teaching?

  1. The concepts presented in this artical are especially important for Canadian teachers…. I like how the article not only points out issues, but gives ideas on how to work around them!

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