Goals for Field Experience

Goals for my beginning teacher career:

1. Building up my “teacher voice”- I can do this by consciously reminding myself to acknowledge the volume of my voice and by gauging how intent my students are listening and if my volume may be impacting that. I will know if I’m effective if my cooperative teacher and partner are able to hear me clearly from the back of the room.

2. Finding my way of getting my students attention when its noisy- I will do this by researching effective methods to gain attention and by observing other teachers methods that they use (I’ve already seen a teacher use a chime, when she tapped it her students would stop what they’re doing and look at her for direction). I will know if I’m successful when I am able to repeatable use the same method for getting attention and it always yields results.

3. Use different types of assessments- I want to get away from the small list of traditional methods of assessing students. I know from my inclusive ed. background that all students needs differentiation. I want to research and ask other teachers what their methods of assessment are and then compose a list that I can reference. I will know if this goal is met because I hope to add one for every lesson.

4. Organization- I am somewhat am organized person, but I want my lesson plans and lessons with the class to be structured and organized. I will do this by establishing my routine at the beginning of the experience and continue the same throughout. I will know if I’ve accomplished this if my students know what to expect the last day before I tell them.


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