Learning Log

Photo Credit: csitscenter via Compfight cc

After Wednesday’s class I have a new respect for Twitter and my online identity. Before, I had a Twitter account but I was only following friends and profiles about facts or humour- this got tiresome very quickly. Because of this I had already known the basics to Twitter and how exactly it works (although, it did take me a couple of months of having Twitter to finally understand a how hashtags are used). However, after this lesson I have made a profile just for my teaching identity. After googling the subject a little more I had found articles about how useful and valuable Twitter can be as a tool for both gathering resources as well as relating to students:

1. Reasons why teachers should use Twitter

2.50 ways to use Twitter as a teacher (this one is definitely worth taking a look at)

3. Learning goals and ways Technology can help

When I had really looked into it, Technology is as important in the classroom as textbooks and whiteboards are. The way society is heading, students will most likely use different technology in their everyday lives as well as in work. By showing the positives and concerns with technology, you are preparing them for their life after school. It is important as teachers we both understand and teach the pros and cons to different apps, devices, etc. as well as the consequences and realization of having their own electronic identity.

Talking about Twitter specifically, I had further learnt from Wednesday’s class more about hashtags and how I can use Twitter as a resource. By following other teacher professionals I am open to information they find and share as well as have the ability to ask questions that they will be able to contribute to (using 140 characters or less: sometimes this can be tricky and requires creativity).

I look forward to further using Twitter both for this class as well as for my professional development. It should be interesting…


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