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After the Monday class my frustrations with wordpress had diminished significantly. After spending quite a bit of time just playing with the program it became quite straightforward. After viewing quite a few examples I acknowledged how useful blogs were for this classwork, as well as later on for my teacher portfolio (that’s also environmentally friendly).

Also just to point out, I loved the video that was shown about texting vs. email in the beginning of class. I was completely able to relate to this because I use both in my life frequently. I’m someone who prefers to use good grammar in my texts and so making the switch to email isn’t quite as tricky. I like my texts to be read the way I mean it and I find using good grammar helps with that- that plus many emojis which you can’t use in email. I do however still struggle to sound formal yet approachable in emails; or, I find I’m using fancy words that I don’t normally use and sound cheesy. So this video just was humorous because usually I behave the same way as the guy in the video.

I look forward to our class on Wednesday about Twitter! I have twitter but don’t use it so it should be an interesting class.


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