About Me

Hello! I’m Taylor Hardy and I am a second year education student at the University of Regina. I came to Regina after graduating from my small town school in Naicam. I come from a very loving, crazy family which includes 2 great parents and a younger brother and younger sister (both of which are taller than me and don’t let me forget it). I enjoy reading, sports, all types of games, and spending time with family and friends.

Every since I was in Grade 3 I knew wanted to be a teacher; however, it wasn’t until my Grade 12 year I made the decision to major in Chemistry and minor in Inclusive Ed. A common question that I get asked, usually with a confused look, is why I chose Chemistry- the reason is I have always enjoyed math and science and Chemistry was the perfect combination of the two. After having a great high school Chemistry teacher I decided I wanted to make Chemistry not such a scary subject for students- I want to make it fun and leave my students asking more questions and wanting to find answers. The reason I chose my Inclusive Ed minor is because I truly believe everyone can learn and no one should be left out just because of their differences. Inclusive Ed involves classes about differentiated instruction and methods to teach all types of learners. I believe with the right accommodations and adaptations every student can learn. I have the belief that education is so significant towards the people we become. I am a strong believer that everyone should have access to education no matter their ability, culture, language, etc. My motivation to teach is because I love to help and inspire others to take initiative in their own lives to pursue the things they are interested in: there is never a hopeless situation!

My experience with technology has been somewhat positive. I’ve been the type of person to follow the trends (sometimes regretfully- as some are just silly) but I’ve understood mainly only the basics. While I do have knowledge with Twitter, wordpress is new to me. Therefore, my recent frustrating experience with technology would be last Friday when I had tried to set up my blog for another class (I should have just waited until Monday for the tutorial). Although it wasn’t as tricky as I had thought, it had taken me almost all afternoon to set my theme and a few pages. Now, it seems quite simple and straight forward.

Technology in the classroom… a somewhat scary thought for me. Although I’m fully on board for computers and controlled technology in the classroom, it is intimidating for me to believe my students having their cellphones would be positive. I can see cellphones as very distracting devices, although they can be used to access information. If I was able to see BYOB in action, and be mostly be positive, I would probably warm up to the idea more. I am open to change, if given proper instruction and knowledge about the topic. I am very interested in what I will learn in this class as well as how I can bring this information into the classroom.


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